I paint light and colour for experience points and gold rewards.

The rest my clients can say the best.


"This piece of art just came in and I think is really evocative!" - Chris, Modiphius

"Great working with you!" -Darcie, Desert Owl Games

"I really like where this is going." -Darwin, White Wizard Games

"I recommend Martin as solid, hard working individual, he has lots of talent and love for each project he participates in." -Marek, Spells&Games

"Martin is a really nice guy and he definitely knows how to use a digital pen!"       -Evgeniy, SometimesYou

"He is super fast. Very responsive; good communicator. Wants to explore all sorts of art styles and, better yet, can execute those styles really well. Has a really good sense setting up a scene. Gets how color is used to tell stories." -Peter, Porphyry Games LLC
"If anybody is considering hiring an illustrator for their game, Martin is a pleasure to work with! As scary as it may seem to entrust art creation to anyone outside your own head and what you yourself can imagine, Martin was SPOT-ON with every illustration! He easily takes your narratives of what you're imagining, offers suggestions/ gives input and delivers incredible works of art that you immediately realize is what you really wanted in the first place

Communication is super friendly and he helps work within your budget.
I would use him again any day!" 
-Justin, Great Gatsby Game Collection